About the Unofficial Legal Complaints Team

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Here at the Legal Complaints website our vision is to ensure that everyone knows about the Legal Complaints service and how they are dedicated to ensuring you can feel confident of finding legal services that you can trust. The Legal Complaints team aims to resolve all disputes with and complaints against lawyers in an impartial and efficient manner, and are used to investigating and analyzing complex situations in order to make effective decisions about what is fair and what is not. The Legal Complaints service is in place not only for the sake of the consumer, to ensure that they are treated fairly and honourably, but also for the sake of the legal profession itself, because the insightful feedback it provides goes to push forward refinements and improvements in the legal services.

The Unofficial Legal Complaints Team works to increase consumer confidence in the industry, and thus improve its image too. They promote client care, competency and professionalism, through the delivery of fair redress for all justified complaints. The Legal Complaints service has a wide range of powers with which to investigate all complaints made concerning members of the legal profession, and their final decisions regarding a complaint are enforceable and legally binding. They can look into complaints regarding the full range of legal services, and pertaining to all kinds of lawyers, including barristers, legal executives, cost lawyers, solicitors, notaries, trademark and patent lawyers, and licensed conveyancers. If you want to know more about Legal Complaints, give us a call with your questions.

Please note

The Legal Complaints website is in no way affiliated with or related to the old Office for Legal Complaints website.

For information about the Office for Legal Complaints we advise you to contact them directly on 0300 555 0333
or via enquiries@legalombudsman.org.uk.