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Welcome to the Legal Complaints website. Our website is here to provide anyone who is interested with a one stop portal containing all the information and links about Legal Complaints that they could need.

Whilst we cannot answer any legal questions nor receive complaints nor act on them we can point you in the right direction for help and assisance. see Legal Ombudsman

The job of the Legal Complaints service is to investigate and resolve all legal complaints in a completely independent manner, without prejudice, and with a focus on a fair outcome. The service was setup in order to improve the old system of legal complaints, and with the intention of ensuring that consumers could turn to a genuinely independent third party whenever they faced a dispute with a member of the legal profession.

The Legal Complaints service is available for every member of the public, and is free to use for everyone. There are a variety of different kinds of dispute that the Unofficial Legal Complaints Team can be called upon to arbitrate, covering all different kinds of legal activity, and the full range of legal professional. No matter what the issue, nor the profile of the legal professional involved, the Legal Complaints team are guaranteed to remain impartial and independent. Their only focus whenever they receive a new complaint is to investigate the facts of the case are carefully measure the evidence given by both sides in order to come to a fair decision.

The Unofficial Legal Complaints Team are not members of the legal profession themselves, so there is no conflict of interests, and furthermore, they are also not part of the government either. If you believe that you were on the receiving end of unacceptable treatment from a lawyer, and the Legal Complaints team agree, they have the power to ensure that lawyer and their law firm take steps to repair the damage done. On the other hand, if they come to the conclusion that in fact your lawyer did exactly what they were supposed to do, then they will you give you a full explanation as to why they came to that conclusion. If there is anything about Legal Complaints that you feel our website doesn't cover and needs to, get in touch and let us know.

Please note

The Legal Complaints website is in no way affiliated with or related to the old Office for Legal Complaints website.

For information about the Office for Legal Complaints we advise you to contact them directly on 0300 555 0333
or via enquiries@legalombudsman.org.uk.