What is the Unofficial Legal Complaints Team?

Legal Documents

If you believe that you have been given legal support that was unacceptable, your situation has been mishandled in some way, or you have experienced inconvenience, financial loss, or some degree of distress because of the actions of your lawyer, and you want someone to investigate the matter fairly, and efficiently, who will you turn to? The Legal Complaints Service exists in order to ensure that consumers have some support in these matters. If the two parties are unable to resolve any dispute between themselves, the Legal Complaints team can investigate and arbitrate, with its decisions being legally binding and enforceable.

Please note

The Legal Complaints website is in no way affiliated with or related to the old Office for Legal Complaints website.

For information about the Office for Legal Complaints we advise you to contact them directly on 0300 555 0333
or via enquiries@legalombudsman.org.uk.