Why do we need a Unofficial Legal Complaints Team?

Legal Documents

Every industry needs regulation, and while standards in the legal profession are extremely high, problems will still occur now and again, with anything from simple misunderstandings to clear negligence occasionally requiring the Unofficial Legal Complaints Team to step in and ensure a fair resolution to the issue. Large portions of the general public continue to have an irrational distrust of the legal profession, and any bad experiences get highlighted and can tar all practitioners with the same brush. So it is not just in the consumer’s best interests, but also that of the industry, to see disputes resolved timely, fairly, and independently.

Please note

The Legal Complaints website is in no way affiliated with or related to the old Office for Legal Complaints website.

For information about the Office for Legal Complaints we advise you to contact them directly on 0300 555 0333
or via enquiries@legalombudsman.org.uk.